Changing background-color while scrolling
(A demo for 'Add Class to Target-Element when Trigger-Element is Scrolled into View')

By Beverley Hooton

Was inspired by a CodePen by @Funsella

No plugins or jQuery

Just a dash of vanilla JavaScript

A class is added to an element when a trigger-element is near the top of the viewport

The trigger can be the same element as the target, or something else entirely

You say how near to top in % or px... and choose the class added

Use the applied class to change CSS styling

More info at the bottom of this page... keep scrolling!


The End

Add Class to Target-Element when Trigger-Element is Scrolled into View

This page demos a JavaScript function that adds a class (or multiple classes) to a target-element when a trigger-element scrolls to an arbitrary distance from the top of the viewport. The trigger-element can be the same as the target-element, or something else entirely, and the distance can be defined as a positive or negative integer, in % or px, meaning "top" is relative; 100% from top is actually the bottom of the viewport, making this a handy script for simple "element entrance" (just in view) logic.

Works in modern browsers and IE9+ (no CSS fade transitions in IE9).

Please view the source of this page for HTML markup, CSS and JS.

JavaScript Performance Considerations

Because this is a scroll-activated script, the rate at which the function fires has the potential to be very high.

Attaching functions directly to the scroll event is usually a bad idea; Scrolling using a trackpad, scroll wheel, or just by dragging a scrollbar can easily trigger 30 events per second. Scrolling on a smartphone can trigger significantly more.

This script takes performance into consideration by using;

"Debouncing" and "throttling" help improve performance by controlling the effect of potentially expensive JavaScript functions that may otherwise cause a page to become unresponsive when fired repeatedly. Please see the Debouncing and Throttling Explained Through Examples article at CSS Tricks for further information.


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