[Reduced] Defer Image Loading until Scrolled-To (Lazy-Loading)

A demo that combines my Add Class to Target-Element when Trigger-Element is Scrolled into View elementFromTop() JavaScript function with Patrick Sexton's defer image script, to make simple lazy-loading images.

Works in modern browsers and IE9+

Please view the source of this page for HTML markup and JS.

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The pic below is a standard <img> with the usual src="" attribute. Nothing special going on there...

Image 1 - Standard <img>

The next 3 images have deferred loading, so they're only downloaded once they're scrolled-to.

Their src="" points to a base64 data URI of a transparent gif, while their real image path resides inside a "data-src" attribute.

<img class="img-defer" data-src="real-image.jpg" src="" alt="" />

They're identified and triggered by the "img-defer" class, which is passed to the elementFromTop() JavaScript function.

When the elementFromTop() scroll distance is met, the "img-defer" class is replaced with the "img-load" class. The imgDefer() function uses this to load in the real image by switching the img tag's "data-src" attribute to "src".

Image 2 - Deferred Load

Image 3 - Deferred Load

Image 4 - Deferred Load


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