Help Videos & User Guides

The WYSIWYG website editor, Fast Edit, that comes installed on Focus on Function websites, is very simple to use, and for many people will be self-explanitory, given that its features and buttons are very similar to MS Word.

For those of you who'd like a few pointers on managing and updating your website, or for those of you who'd just like to see how it all works, please watch the basic usage videos below.

As always, if you can't find what you're looking for here, or if you have ideas for more helpful videos and guides, please get in touch.

Help Videos

  • How to edit/update text and/or images on a web page
    Learn how to edit web page content via the back-end Admin Panel and from within the actual live website web pages themselves.
  • How and when to backup a web page for safekeeping
    Learn how to make web page backups on the server and your home computer, and also learn when to backup web pages, based on green (current) vs red (out-of-date) indicators.
  • How to restore a backup of a 'broken' web page
    Learn how to revert a 'broken' web page back to an earlier saved version, from the server and from a copy that you previously downloaded to your home computer.
  • How to add a new page or sub-page to your website
    Learn how to add a new web page to the main-menu or sub-menu.
  • How to change the text on a menu button
    Learn how to change menu button text by either renaming a web page or using custom formatted text (forcing capitals and special characters).
  • How to change the order of the website menu buttons
    Learn how to organise menu buttons to make them appear in the order you want.
  • How to move a page or sub-page (coming soon!)
    Learn how to move web pages between menu categories, individually and in bulk.
  • How to disable a web page or hide a button from the menu (coming soon!)
    Learn how to temporarily hide a web page from visitors (without deleting it), or how just to hide a button from the menu to save space.
  • How to set custom metadata (coming soon!)
    Learn how to set keywords and descriptions for individual web pages to help visitors find your website more easily via search engines.

Watch more videos on YouTube

Although unlikely, if you do have any problems viewing the help videos above, please take a trip over to my "fofwebdesign" YouTube channel to watch them there.

User Guides

Can't find the help you're looking for? Get in touch!

If the help you're looking for isn't in the videos or user guides above, please contact me. I'm always happy to offer advice and I want you to feel fully supported in your web venture.