Script & Software Development

Below are some of the scripts and softwares that I've developed. In most cases, an administration panel accompanies the front-facing script to allow site owners to make easy content edits. Did I mention they're FREE to download?

Check out the demos, grab some freebies or snippets, and if you need some help, please contact me to arrange installation on your website.

Fast Edit (CMS)

Project Information

Fast Edit is a website editor to quickly edit web page content using a simple, point-and-click toolbar. It also comes with some other great features;

  • File Manager: Organise, upload, rename, move and delete your files.
  • Template Manager: Make minor changes to the look of your site.
  • Metadata Manager: Help people find you with specific keywords.
  • Page Manager / Sub-Page Manager: Create, backup, restore and delete your site pages, arrange the menu and toggle button visibility.

Fast Edit comes in a few flavours;

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Fast Cal (Event Manager)

Project Information

Fast Cal is for managing calendar events or diary dates, which can then be displayed in a responsive monthly module, or full year event list; view past and future months, link to files or other websites, and show additional event info in a space-saving popup.

A live example of Fast Cal can be seen at the bottom of the Ashgate Croft School home page.

Supports multiple users (actions are logged), iCal export, and custom colour-coded categories.

Front-End DemoBack-End Demo

Fast Feed (RSS Manager)

Project Information

Fast Feed is for managing news updates in a really simple way.

The auto-generated RSS file can be used with Twitter and Facebook, which is great as it means less work for you, and your news can also be displayed in a space-saving scroller on your website.

Live examples of Fast Feed can be seen at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School and William Levick Primary School.

Front-End DemoBack-End Demo

Fast Warn (Alert Manager)

Project Information

Fast Warn provides a quick way to show an alert box or warning message to your site visitors.

To aid exposure and save time, it automatically generates an RSS file that can feed your important alerts into Twitter and Facebook.

Fast Warn is ideal for school websites, allowing headteachers to post urgent messages for parents from home (for example, when a school is closed during bad weather conditions).

Front-End DemoBack-End Demo

Fast Logs (Logs Manager)

Project Information

Can be used to display and manage all manner of logs, notices and updates on your website. Auto-pagination (page numbering) and archiving included.

It can also be used on a larger scale, for example, to display chapters of a book or manual (a page per chapter).

Like just like my other scripts, the log board can be customised to fit perfectly with your site.

Front-End DemoBack-End Demo

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