Archive 2012 (News & Updates)

These are the news archives for projects I was involved with during 2012.

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Revisiting the Penny Acres website | 19th Dec 12
Old web host glitches brought about a site rewrite opportunity for Penny Acres Primary School. Template layout and engine recoded. Awaiting content.

Technical issues in web design | 12th Dec 12
Learn why building a website without considering the technical issues could result in a website that many visitors find unprofessional and difficult to use.

HMS Testimonial photos updated | 7th Dec 12
More lovely garden design scans and photos have been added to HMS Garden Design's testimonials page. Script improvements implemented.

JemCon 2013 registration opens | 3rd Dec 12
Event registration for the JemCon 2013 weekend convention is prepared and published, with upgraded back-end tools and tiered pricing.

Rhythm 'n' Boots step in to line | 29th Nov 12
I had the opportunity to work on Billy Joe Conor's eStore for his debut CD. Good luck with the toe-tapping album - "Hook Line And Sinker" rocks!

Comment and have your say! | 24th Nov 12
Got an opinion about something on this site? Fantastic! Let's hear it in the nifty new comments feature - now available where you see this icon

Case Study: DHFS (Digital Signage) | 23rd Nov 12
Take a look a Derbyshire school's HD digital signage system; A web-based platform, serving information through various digital and online channels.

Menu buttons with custom text | 20th Nov 12
This YouTube video explains "How To" put custom formatted text (capitals and special characters) on your website menu buttons in Fast Edit.

Case Study: | 16th Nov 12
Custom artwork, event registration, messageboard, news channels, archives, image galleries, full site login, members-only videos, and more!

The 1-2-3 of menu button ordering | 13th Nov 12
Learn "How To" organise your website menu buttons in 1-2-3 clicks. Another short YouTube video for easy Fast Edit webministration.

Adding a new web page made easy | 9th Nov 12
A new "How To" YouTube video has been uploaded to show users how to add a new web page to the main-menu or sub-menu in Fast Edit.

JemCon 2013 changeover success | 3rd Nov 12
2012 data has been archived and the transition to 2013 goes well. Scripts to automate processes for the upcoming year are now in place.

Admin help videos on YouTube | 1st Nov 12
Website administration help (Fast Edit) is now available online with a few "How To" videos uploaded to YouTube. More videos will be on the way soon...

Focus on Function goes social | 31st Oct 12
Ever the social butterfly, I finally set up RSS, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Feel free to connect with me to stay updated and share your thoughts, ideas and insight. See you out there!

The ongoing cost of a website | 23rd Oct 12
This article considers ongoing fees and developments that ensure your website stays fit and healthy on the web - some optional, some essential.

Hard work pays off for JemCon | 11th Oct 12
It's been a labour of love but I finally got an A/A speed grade for JemCon. Page Speed 95% / YSlow 90% (up from Page Speed 71% / YSlow 75%)

Double A-Grade speed boost | 3rd Oct 12
Focus on Function Web Design enjoys speed and performance boosts with a Page Speed score of 98% and YSlow score of 90% for faster browsing.

HMS Garden Design launched | 9th Sep 12
Helen's shiny new gardening website has now been launched, after 12 weeks of buzzzzy-bee productivity and hard work from both parties.

Design or Development? | 4th Sep 12
You've probably heard both terms used interchangeably, but what is the difference between web design and web development? Find out here.

How to pick a web designer | 24th Aug 12
Choosing a good web designer or developer is key to getting a great website. Here are some thoughts to help you pick the right candidate.

New look DHFS website | 21st Aug 12
Gone is the old dark grey design - Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School gets a lighter, brighter web layout ready for a new school year!

Info I need to build your website | 17th Aug 12
Outlining the information I need from you to build a custom website that is geared towards bringing benefits to you and your customers.

How much does a website cost? | 10th Aug 12
Want to know how much a new website or redesign will cost? Here's a rough breakdown of where the cost of web development lies.

Focus on Function website launched | 3rd Aug 12
Focus on Function Web Design is now live on the internet! This marks a new era for me in freelance web design and development, supporting my past volunteer work and web-tool projects.

Try 3 Fast Apps demos online NOW! | 2nd Aug 12
Fast Feed (news updates manager with RSS), Fast Warn (alert box or critical warning message manager), Fast Logs (a logs, notices and updates manager).

Work begins on HMS Garden Design | 14th Jun 12
Met with Helen of HMS Garden Design today. She's a lovely lady and fab landscape designer, with green-fingers to boot! Got an immediate project go-ahead and a 12-week deadline.

Muffin-Tops - sweet treats for all! | 1st May 12
Jacki's website dedicated to cup-cake and muffin recipes launches today. If you didn't already know, muff-cakes are the tasty new hybrid!

Fast Edit v1 manual menu upgrade | 18th Apr 12
I've enabled a more intuative manual menu ordering system in Fast Edit v1.0 - click the green arrows to arrange your menu buttons.

Fast Edit v1 menu alias added | 15th Apr 12
Fast Edit v1.0 now has a "menu alias" feature, allowing you to use custom formatted text (special characters and capitals) on menu buttons.

Fast Edit GMT time difference added | 14th Apr 12
I've now include a GMT hours offset variable that corrects server time difference for admins. This makes page update times more logical.

Web Tips for you and your website | 7th Apr 12
Whether you're building from scratch or improving upon an existing design, you'll find lots of information to help make your website a success.

Fast Edit WYSIWYG bug-fix for IE9 | 21st Mar 12
The "IE=EmulateIE8" meta tag has been added in admin mode, to counteract an Internet Explorer 9 bug in the WYSIWYG toolbar.

Milky Mixer causes a colourful stir | 14th Feb 12
TJ launches his Milky Mixer website on Valentine's Day - a website I made to showcase his artwork. Loving your purple-haired "Sour Grapes" girl TJ!

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