Archive 2014 (News & Updates)

These are the news archives for projects I was involved with during 2014.

Blog: CSS/content switch + save | 19th Dec 14
Read my latest entry in the blog; Use PHP and cookies to switch stylesheets or load alternative content based on user selection.

CSS-Only RWD Fullscreen Video | 5th Dec 14
Responsive images have background-size:cover; but videos are left out in the cold until object-fit:cover; gains better browser support. Here's a workaround.

Responsive Fullscreen Image | 1st Dec 14
This fullscreen image always fills the initial viewport, regardless of device or screen size. Content is placed underneath for maximum visual impact.

RWD Content Slider (IE7 support) | 27th Nov 14
All variations of the Responsive CSS3 Any Content Slider have been given basic IE7 support. Content is accessible via a scrollbar, like it is in IE8.

William Levick website launched | 15th Nov 14
After several weeks of work, this highly performant (less than 200kb on small screen devices), responsive, mobile first website is released in to the wild!

JemCon 2015 changeover progress | 3rd Nov 14
2014 data has been archived and the transition to 2015 goes well. Just working on a few back-end admin tool updates for website news editors.

Multi-Level Side Menu (inc. IE7/8) | 28th Oct 14
Reworked the Multi-Level, Off-Canvas Mobile Menu for IE7/8 support via a JS class toggle. Works without JS in modern browsers (checkbox hack).

Blog: Mobile Side Menu (inc. IE7/8) | 28th Oct 14
Read about my latest freebie script; Revisiting the CSS3 Multi-Level, Off-Canvas Mobile Menu to give IE7/8 support with JavaScript.

Responsive Modal Gallery updated | 24th Oct 14
Edits made to the placement of the modal image and caption in mobile view - to center the image vertically and push the caption to the bottom of the screen.

RWD Content Slider (JS auto-play) | 11th Oct 14
The latest version of the Responsive CSS3 Any Content Slider plays slides automatically and comes with sexy zooming play and pause controls.

Blog: Content Slider (JS auto-play) | 11th Oct 14
Read about my latest freebie script; Revisiting the RWD CSS3 Any Content Slider to give it JS auto-play and toggle controls to start / stop playback.

RWD Menu in Wordpress theme | 1st Oct 14
"Zeyn" - A multipurpose WordPress theme, makes good on my Responsive CSS3 Multi-Level, Drop-Down Menu. Thanks for the credit guys!

JemCon 2014 success! (+ upgrades) | 29th Sep 14
Well this year's JemCon convention weekend was a hit! I couldn't attend but I was there in spirit... and busy working on admin upgrades for 2015!

CSS3 Responsive Grid Images | 24th Sep 14
A responsive grid of images that resize fluidly as screen size changes. Includes online calculator to calculate image margins and width % per row.

Fast Edit v1 $page_exclude bugfix | 12th Sep 14
Fast Edit v1 has been updated to correct an error that allowed pages listed in the $page_exclude() array, to be included in the XML sitemap.

Fast Edit username login glitch fixed | 8th Sep 14
The login script has been updated in Fast Edit v1 / BE (Snippet Manager) to fix a glitch that allowed username to be bypassed. Please update for security.

RWD Menu used in Drupal module | 6th Sep 14
I just heard that my Responsive CSS3 Multi-Level, Drop-Down Menu has been used in a Drupal module. Great to see my work helping the community :)

Fast Edit v1 sort + save settings | 1st Sep 14
The pager now accepts custom page list increments and default limit. For user convenience, settings now also save when the page is reloaded.

CSS3 RWD Diamond Grid Images | 28th Aug 14
Four demos for grids of images that are rotated 45 degrees; Two demonstrate fluid scaling, two have images that overflow as the screen narrows.

Blog: Banish the 300ms touch delay | 21st Aug 14
Read my latest entry in the blog; Beating the 300ms delay on touch devices and closing sub-menus by tapping in the outside area.

RWD Multi-Level Drop-Down Menu | 21st Aug 14
A CSS update to the drop-down menu freebie script, with better support for tap-activated drop-down menus on large screen touch devices.

Blog: 3 Ways to resize web images | 15th Aug 14
Read my latest entry in the blog; A round-up of 3 useful image resizing/scaling CSS techniques to use in responsive web design.

Fast Edit v1 charset support added | 12th Aug 14
An optional character setting has been added to Fast Edit v1 to help with the way special characters are encoded in non-English languages.

Modal Gallery < noscript > fallback | 4th Aug 14
Versions 2-5 of the Responsive CSS3 Modal Gallery get < noscript > fallbacks for when JS is disabled. Hey, everyone needs something pretty to look at!

Fast Feed v1 '- no image -' bug fix | 31st Jul 14
A small tweak has been made to the admin panel to fix a glitch in the way the '- no image -' indicator displayed alongside entries with images.

Transforms 'unfixing' bug in Safari | 15th Jul 14
Freebie menus updated with optional {-webkit-transform:none} CSS to help with the "unfixing" of {position:fixed} child elements in Safari.

CSS3 Modal Gallery + pagination | 10th Jul 14
Version 4 has pagination, key controls and on-demand images. In version 5, PHP conveniently auto-generates the gallery from images in a folder.

Blog: Modal Gallery + pagination | 10th Jul 14
Read about my latest freebie script; Discussing earlier limits and how v4/5 improve performance, manageability and maintainability.

Responsive Modal Gallery updated | 30th Jun 14
The hinky browser history behaviour has now been quashed with the JS location.replace() method. No more big pic hashed URL contamination.

Responsive CSS3 Menu is a steal | 27th Jun 14
There are always folk looking to make easy money from someone elses work! I found a freebie menu of mine for sale in a coding marketplace :(

HMS Testimonials updated | 17th Jun 14
It looks like business is booming (or should that be "blooming"?) for HMS Garden Design. Customer testimonals received, and content duly updated.

Responsive Multi-Level Fly-Out Menu | 4th Jun 14
A vertical multi-level, responsive menu. Off-canvas menus slide in to view on mobile, while on desktop, the always visible menu has fly-out subs.

Blog: Multi-Level Fly-Out Menu | 4th Jun 14
Read about my latest freebie script; Getting the click-activated push/slide menu to honour a more traditional hover behaviour on desktop.

Softpedia "Script of the Day" | 28th May 14
A nice little nod to one of my freebie projects; Fast Edit (a flat file, PHP, CMS/ web page editor) has been listed as Softpedia's "Script of the Day"!

Responsive Multi-Level Slide Menu | 22nd May 14
A multi-level, responsive menu with slinky push/slide effect (yey CSS3) for off-canvas subs. The vertical layout adapts to desktop and mobile.

Blog: Multi-Level Push/Slide Menu | 22nd May 14
Read about my latest freebie script; How I made the mobile version of this menu suitable for use on desktop and large screens.

Improving JemCon performance | 13th May 14
Woo-hoo! Getting high A/A performance scores for JemCon. Page Speed 99% / YSlow 95% (up from Page Speed 95% / YSlow 90% in Oct 2012).

Modal Gallery + keyboard controls | 6th May 14
Evolving my previous CSS3 image gallery, this update includes keyboard navigation for improved usability! Left/right arrow keys and esc to close.

Blog: Modal Gallery + keyboard nav | 6th May 14
Read about my latest freebie script; Improving my modal gallery with simple keyboard navigation, thanks to JavaScript (no dependencies).

Fast Edit remembers where it was | 2nd May 14
Fast Edit BE (Snippet Manager) now remembers the last scroll position so you can easily find the snippet (and related ones) you were editing.

Responsive CSS3 Modal Gallery | 28th Apr 14
Freebie! This CSS3 image gallery opens big pics in a modal popup, and includes navigation controls for fluid movement between visual delights!

Blog: Responsive Modal Gallery | 28th Apr 14
Read about my latest freebie script; A gallery using the target: selector to match and reveal hidden modal image popups / lightboxes.

Fast Edit v1 multi-region support! | 17th Apr 14
Fast Edit v1 CMS now supports multiple editable regions, so you can define more than just one main content area to be editable on a page.

Responsive CSS3 Content Slider | 14th Apr 14
Check out this CSS-only content slider. It's responsive, can contain anything (images, text, whatever!), includes nav controls and cycles continuously.

Blog: CSS-only Any Content Slider | 14th Apr 14
Read about my latest freebie script; This time using radios to emulate CSS-only click events for this CSS-only content slider.

Fast Edit login message updated | 9th Apr 14
A few cosmetic tweaks to the Fast Edit v1 and Fast Edit BE (Snippet Manager) login error message. It now extends the full width of the screen.

Fast Edit PHP admin code clean-up | 4th Apr 14
Fast Edit v1 and Fast Edit BE (Snippet Manager) code has been refactored so functions using header() redirects aren't relying on ob_start() anymore.

Responsive CSS3 Multi-Level Menu | 1st Apr 14
Expanding on the previous CSS-only, off-canvas, multi-level menu; This new, responsive version now has a desktop and mobile view.

Blog: Multi-Level Drop-Down Menu | 1st Apr 14
Read about my latest freebie script at; How my off-canvas, mobile menu became responsive with desktop drop-downs for wide screens.

CSS-only Multi-Level Menu (no JS) | 27th Mar 14
I played with making an off-canvas, multi-level menu that uses only CSS3 transitions for animation. Menus are triggered with the 'checkbox hack'.

Blog: Multi-Level Mobile Menu | 26th Mar 14
Read about my latest freebie script; How a multi-level, mobile menu evolved from its one-level, off-canvas predecessor to one with sub-menus.

JemCon 2014 poster art finished | 21st Mar 14
I finalised the print artwork for the offcial JemCon 2014 convention poster. Things will be buzzing this year with news of a Jem Movie announced!

JemCon mobile forum launched | 19th Mar 14
Just launched the new JemCon mobile phpBB3 forum, for users to enjoy faster, lighter browsing on low-power devices, via a small-screen interface.

Fast Edit gzip setting fix for zlib-ers | 27th Feb 14
Fast Edit users can now choose to set PHP's ob_gzhandler callback function for gzip compression, or use their server's zlib.output_compression.

Fast Apps gets a responsive upgrade | 14th Feb 14
HTML5/CSS3 was the first step. Now the Fast Apps website gets responsive with a slinky 'flex-to-fit' layout that adapts to all screens / devices.

Fast Edit v1 includes XML sitemap | 12th Feb 14
More SEO help for users - Fast Edit v1 now generates it's own XML sitemap, which is compliant with the Sitemap Protocol of

Fast Apps custom HTML/styles | 3rd Feb 14
Fast Apps get custom settings to allow or disallow inline-styles and define HTML tags to remove or keep - a bit of control over accidental uglification!

JemCon mobile phpBB3 forum theme | 31st Jan 14
Just putting the finishing touches to a mobile theme for JemCon's phpBB3 forum. Helpful feedback from "Beta Testers" is, so far, very good :)

Fast Apps fix for IE11 compatibility | 15th Jan 14
The WYSIWYG editor in all Fast Apps has now been upgraded to TinyMCE v3.5.10. This fixes compatibility issues in Internet Explorer 11.