Archive 2019 (News & Updates)

These are the news archives for projects I was involved with during 2019.

Getting to grips with my new role | 14th Jun 19
2 months into my new job and I've been using lots of brain-power wrapping my head around the new systems. It's been very rewarding so far and I get to work with a team of fab folks :)

Training for Web Technician cover | 25th Mar 19
2 weeks to train my web cover before I go. I foresee many hours of document prep, code clean-up, and picking apart the "what the heck did that do" scripts from way back when. Fun!

HMS Garden Design RWD relaunch | 17th Mar 19
I got the go-ahead to work on a responsive redesign of the HMS Garden Design website. The site now works much better on a multitude of devices.

Krita freebie image editor training | 5th Mar 19
Spent the morning in an image editing training session with Ashgate Croft School. Krita makes a great alternative to Photoshop... and it's totally FREE!

Fast Cal minor warnings fixed | 2nd Mar 19
I've fixed a few missing variables that were generating minor PHP warnings. Only two core files updated. No new features to report this time though.

Brighter, whiter look for DHFS | 27th Feb 19
For the past few weeks I've been working on a cleaner website look for DHFS, which includes an always visible search bar to improve usability.

New role in local government | 6th Feb 19
Today I interviewed for the post of Application Development Officer within local government... I got the job! It will be strange to leave Education after 11 years, but here's to the future!

Careers Event Calendar for DHFS | 23rd Jan 19
I've been getting Fast Cal integrated into Joomla!, which is now serving as a Careers Event Calendar at DHFS. All the careers related deadlines in one place!