Testimonials (what happy customers have to say)

It's always a great vote of confidence to receive good feedback and glowing reviews from the people you work with - makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Here are some of the things that have been said about the work I've done.



Incredibly devoted, enthusiastic and hard working!

It is with the utmost confidence that I submit this recommendation for Beverley Hooton. I have had the fortune to work closely with Beverley for the past five years at www.jemcon.org.

Since becoming our webmaster, Beverley has been incredibly devoted to the development and continued care of the site. Each year the convention changes locations and hosts, which has required her to appeal to a different venue and location, while focusing a great deal of attention on overall consistency. Initially Beverley developed and built www.jemcon.org, and since has worked in cooperation with each successive host to date. I worked to great satisfaction with Beverley during my term as host in 2010. In that time she has demonstrated great capability and knowledge of all aspects needed to manage a successful and up-to-date site that reaches a continuously growing audience.

Her technical specialties include vast knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS to name a few. In addition to the technical side, Beverley also demonstrates great knowledge and talent for web presentation and marketing. Beverley is proficient in graphic art and has produced web graphics, print publication and original packaging for annual merchandise, such as our annual souvenir fashion. I can say with faith and humour that I've yet to find an area that Beverley cannot master. I attribute this to the long hours she puts into research and furthering her education, to keep up-to-date and well informed.

In Beverley you will find a communicative and hard working individual. She is often able to communicate with people who have little to no web skills and translate their vision into a lucrative and well-constructed reality. Her devotion to the client and the task at hand are outstanding, all the way from development to troubleshooting and maintenance. I also find Beverley to have great imagination and inspire the client. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail are commendable. It is also worth noting that upon meeting Beverley, I had no training or knowledge of web. Over time, Beverley has taken the time to instruct and guide me and I am now capable of web administration and maintenance.


Sean Gaff (Con Chair - 2010) @ JemCon.org


Rhythm 'n' Boots Music

Many thanks for your courteous and expert help!

Many thanks on behalf of the Rhythm 'n' Boots Music staff and myself for your courteous and expert correction of all issues with our eStore.

We especially look forward to having our websites redesigned by you.


Billy Joe Conor @ Rhythm 'n' Boots Music


HMS Garden Design

Innovative... More than I could have hoped for!

After seeing examples of her work, I knew Bev would have the innovative ideas needed to construct my garden design website.

I had a vision of how I wanted my site to look; Bev took these unstructured ideas and made a website that is more than I could have hoped for.

With patience (and she needed it!), Bev guided me through the whole process, explaining what would and wouldn't work, and more importantly, why.

She was thoroughly professional and her knowledge and expertise in all areas is second to none.

If you want to make your website happen, I cannot recommend Bev enough.


Helen Sydenham @ HMS Garden Design



A new standard for websites in our industry!

The contributions Beverley made to the JemCon website re-development were phenomenal and far surpassed my request for a basic re-working.

She set a new standard for websites in our industry. Beverley enhanced the appearance of our site with new custom artwork and easy to manoeuver drop-down buttons.

In addition, she simultaneously launched an online registration system that streamlined and simplified our existing process. This allowed us to generate more members and increase our sales. Her hard work and contributions are unmeasurable.

The staff's responsibility has been lightened thanks to behind-the-scenes features she implemented. She has made the website easier for everyone, visitors and staff alike, and we are all grateful for her generosity and dedication.


Shevona (Con Chair - 2009) @ JemCon.or


BugTown Brats Day Care

Helpful, fast and friendly... Excellent rates!

I run a small day care service for working mums and I was referred to Beverley by a friend.

I told her what I needed - a logo for me to print myself on mugs, stickers and T-shirts - and she supplied the artwork to me in ultra-quick time.

Beverley was very helpful and the design service was fast and friendly. She didn't feed me a load of techno-babble rubbish and her rates were excellent!


Francine @ BugTown Brats Day Care



I love the quirky, ice-cream fresh design!

I've been hankering after a hobby-website for my muffin and cup-cake recipes for a while, but I just never got around to it. Listening to Beverley's enthusiasm and assurance finally gave me the push.

She assured me that I'd be able to edit my website with ease, and she was right! I was given a demonstration site to test out first and she sat with me while I got the hang of things. She was patient with me and gave me pointers and suggestions along the way.

I didn't really have a fixed design idea of what I wanted for my website, but I was sure I wanted something fun and lighthearted - It is my hobby site afterall. When Beverley showed me her idea for a 50s ice-cream parlor style and I thought it was brilliant. I love the quirky, ice-cream fresh design and the special touches, like the poll on the home page!

Thank you for making this simple for me. Now I just need to get my backside in gear and type up some recipes!


Jacki @ Muffin-Tops


Milky Mixer

A great experience... So pleased with the outcome!

I know I've said it 1000 times over, but thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't have done any of this without you.

Honestly, I wasn't sure how things would work out but I knew you were my best option to start a website with regard to price and support.

I can now say it was the 100% perfect option because I think the site turned out exactly as I envisioned and I really did not have to compromise anything I pictured or wanted.

You are a total Rock Star in my book. I'm very grateful.

This was a great experience and I'm so pleased with the outcome!


TJ Schuessler @ Milky Mixer


Little Voice

Bold, expressive design... Professional and caring!

My friend told me about Beverley's website design service through JemCon and I was thrilled to find her work as delightful as she is.

She explained how the process would work, kept me informed of changes and let me know how things were going at every stage.

The artwork for my website backdrop turned out wonderfully - flirty and fun, yet bold and expressive... and all mine! I got emotional when I first saw it as her effort and passion really shone through - I am just so happy that I gave her a free-reign to interpret my vision.

I now have a fantastic new website that meets all of my needs. Thank you.

I would totally recommend Beverley as a professional and caring web designer.


Sally Cannon @ Little Voice

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