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Responsive CSS3 Any Content Slider | Released: 14th Apr 14
A responsive, CSS-only content slider that can contain anything (images, text, whatever!), includes navigation controls and cycles continuously.

Fast Cal v1 - Event Manager | Released: 4th Mar 16
Get a handy event manager to display calendar dates in a monthly grid, or full year event list. Link to files or websites and show event details in a popup.

Fast Feed v1 - RSS News Feed Manager | Released: 2nd Aug 13
Get a nifty news manager to edit and update an RSS v2.0 xml file. Supports multiple users and includes optional image upload and one-click archiving.

Fast Warn v1 - Alert Message Manager | Released: 26th Jul 13
Get a hassle-free message manager to display an alert box or critical warning to vistors. Use the RSS file to feed alerts to social media websites.

Fast Logs v1 - Quick Logs Manager | Released: 19th Jul 13
Get a neat logs manager to show book chapters or updates in a small web space. Page numbering and one-click archiving keep things neat and easy.

Have fun using these free scripts, and if you have any ideas for more, feel free to contact me.

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