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Below are some random scripts I have tinkered with. Take a look! You may find something useful. See more freebies for websites this way.

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Defer YouTube Load until Scrolled-To (Lazy-Load) | Created: 21st Mar 18
Defer the loading of YouTube embeds until they're scrolled into the viewport. Here's a simple lazy-loading video script to make web pages load much faster.

RWD Video Player with Playlist + Caption | Created: 5th Aug 15
Populate a playlist from a folder of mp4s and play them in this responsive video player. With currently playing caption. Uses the default HTML5 video skin.

Responsive Pop-up YouTube Videos | Created: 2nd Jun 15
Pop-up YouTube videos in the middle of the screen with a small JS function. The pop-up resizes fluidly for mobile and desktop. Includes CSS3 loading bars.

CSS-Only Responsive Fullscreen Video | Created: 5th Dec 14
Responsive images have background-size:cover; but videos are left out in the cold until object-fit:cover; gains better browser support. Here's a workaround.

Have fun using these free scripts, and if you have any ideas for more, feel free to contact me.

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